The RIVER Collection

The RIVER Collection

The River Collection


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The River Collection is not only inspired by the Yellowstone River, but also incorporates pieces of the river and a family heritage. For over 50 years, my mother’s family has owned an island in the Yellowstone River. Growing up, we would pick morel mushrooms in the Spring and sled and skate across the frozen waters in the winter to visit my grandfather. After spending most of the summer in Yellowstone National Park, with the Yellowstone River flowing nearby, my uncle and grandmother took me out to the family island this Fall and indulged me (even helped me) while I meticulously picked out the small river rocks that spoke to me. I collected, one by one, little pieces of earth that I could envision becoming a piece of jewelry, a piece of art.

The pieces of river rock I have collected are incorporated as I found them. I am not cutting, shaping, or otherwise altering their original form that was created by the flowing waters of the Yellowstone River. I cleaned the stones and while some are in their otherwise natural form, I have lightly treated others to bring out more of the beautiful, yet subtle, colors.

Because of the nature of the materials, each piece is one-of-a-kind. Not only is the river rock unique, but it informs the design of the overall individual piece.

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***Update*** I got sidetracked with holiday shows, family, and life in general. But, will be continuing with this collection soon. Sign up for the newsletter to stay tuned! Thanks!


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